Meet Your Bride’s Angel

I founded the Bride’s Angel upon the realization that I desperately needed an angel on the most important day of my LIFE! Only AFTER the event was over did I know I needed ME! I relived this same scenario at my daughter’s wedding. I have conversed with numerous family members and friends over the years and am CONVINCED that a BRIDE not only needs, but deserves an angel by her side. Event planning is provided by your wedding planner, but in addition, I believe a bride needs the SPECIAL attention of a personal assistant on her actual wedding day – an angel that will be by her side from the moment she awakes until she arrives at her honeymoon suite.

Unforeseeable circumstances occur at every event without explanation. Obviously, if you could read the future, you could secure your perfect day. My goal as “The Bride’s Angel” is to help you benefit from my experiences, thus leading to an understanding as to how wedding day mishaps and the promptness in their resolution could change how you feel when you look back at your wedding day.

Things as simple as bringing extra lipstick and an additional pair of shoes (ever had a broken stiletto?) could make or break your special day. Your mood will reflect how quickly solutions are introduced to major or minor obstacles you may encounter. That’s where I come in.

After getting to know you, I will be able to assist you on a personal level. I will learn your likes and dislikes, what makes you laugh, what calms your soul; I’ll recognize what you need from me to make YOU the best YOU can be.

My primary aim as your “Bride’s Angel” is to inspire you to be completely present in mind, body and soul. It can be challenging to keep up the appearance of the “Perfect Bride”. I want to encourage you to be YOU! Remember, you are a unique and beautiful woman and it’s all about you!