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It’s All About You!

CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding! You are a UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL woman! Your Bride’s Angel will carefully examine your individual preferences. This enables her to fulfill your deepest desires and needs on your special day. The following questions are designed to obtain a glimpse of your personality. Remember, your input is incredibly valuable to ensure your angel is informed about you!

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Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to get to know you better!

It’s All About Your Wedding Day!

Your Bride’s Angel is committed to personalizing your special needs to ensure you feel at ease on the most important day of your life! You and only you know your concept of the perfect wedding. Your Bride’s Angel is by your side to fulfill that concept. Think relaxation. Think happy. Think carefree! Remember to be as specific as you can with your information. Your input is paramount in designing your special day! After all, it’s all about YOUR WEDDING DAY!


It’s All About Your Wedding Party


Thank you so much for helping me to better understand your wedding plans and needs!