Destination Bliss

Peace... Happiness... Tranquility... Beauty...

Ocean waves gently breaking in the background. Here lies the paradise you’ve dreamed about. You are thousands of miles from everyday existence. This is a place you can truly let go and just be. You will unite with an energy you’ve not felt before. This is the day you become one!

In addition to an exhilarating notion, one might also experience a “How am I going to pull this off?” feeling. This is a natural concern and is remedied quite effortlessly with a true angel to comfort and calm you. 

Your angel will assist with being in-tune with who and what you are and gently introduce peacefulness throughout the day. She will know what makes you laugh and what makes you smile. She will listen to everything you say with ears of eagerness. This will be the key she holds to the perfect day YOU have designed. Yes, YOU have created your own wedding day which starts the moment you awake and ends when you are carried over the threshold and into the start of forever.